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Because of YOU! | Bay Area Photographer | Morgan Hill, CA

Because of YOU...

2017 has been an overwhelming success for Aly Rose Photography!

Bellies, Babies, Weddings, Graduating Seniors & LOADS of beautiful families...

I am honored that each of you has chosen me because your business means SO MUCH MORE than getting to take your photo...

Because of YOU...

I've found a balance of work and play since photography is my self care.

I've been able to afford for my daughter to join the competitive dance team at her dance studio

I've been able to afford to pay my monthly Orange Theory Fitness membership...

Which has resulted in 50 pounds lost & getting back my sense of self- PRICELESS!

I've been able to model growth for my kids as I've continued to take photography classes online- which YOU helped me pay for!

I've been able to invest back into YOU by purchasing new lenses & a second camera so I can provide you with high quality images.

I was able to pay for my daughter's wildly amazing GOLDEN birthday party

I have been able to take money from my little biz and given back to causes near & dear to my heart!! THANK YOU for allowing me to do that more than I could without this photography biz.

Because of YOU...

I get to use my creativity on a regular basis ❤️

I get to see new and beautiful locations all over the Bay Area!!!

I get to let my extremely extroverted personality shine!

I get to connect with new people/families to further my love of community!!

Because of YOU!!!!

Happy New Year 🎉

I'm so excited to see what 2018 holds for Aly Rose Photography.

xx Aly


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