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10. | Bay Area Photographer | San Jose Municipal Rose Garden

July 20, 2007 to July 20, 2017

10 years.

3650 days.

87,600 hours.

San Jose, LA, Baltimore, San Jose, Morgan Hill.

From Apartment for 2 to Row House for 3 to Townhome for 5 to House for 6.

Not to mention the nearly 2 years we spent living with my parents!

Two girls, Two boys.

Pregnancies, Secondary Infertility, Foster Care, Adoption.

The ups & downs... the most magical times to the ugliest... it's been a ride!

We've stuck through it, sometimes we didn't want to, but we did, and we will.

To know you won't give up on me in my ugliest of moments... Grace.

To know that you'll eventually apologize for being a jerk & we will move on... Grace.

I am so grateful that the Spirit within us has worked on our behalf when we weren't feeling it.

To know that we will look back at 10 and laugh at the crazy times with four littles... it will fly by!

I'm thankful for the first 10, I pray we get another 10 and another... God willing! PS- I'm still waiting on that killer 10 year vacation we are going to take together- maybe 11?!?!

PPS- I still want credit for 2001 to 2007!

Photo Cred- Mango Pictures (2007), Mindy Webb Photography (2017)

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