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Get inspired by these beautiful locations... this is not an exhaustive list!

I have permits & permission for most locations in Santa Clara County

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Big Oak Trees

Located in Morgan Hill, the light coming through these gorgeous trees makes for the perfect backdrop for any photo session you have in mind. This spot has become more popular in the last few years so I cannot guarantee any specific backdrop but I will always do my best to give you the images you desire. The sun sets behind the hills earlier than other locations. 

Dominguez Family-5268.jpg

The Beach 

We are so lucky to live so close to the beautiful coast of California. We have some stunning beaches featuring dramatic cliffs, beautiful piers and rock walls or formations in the water. I specifically shoot at beach locations that offer some kind of cove to help with wind and provide some shade. 

Beach Sessions can be magical but they can also be tricky due to constantly changing weather conditions. Wind & Fog can often be factors to consider at the beach. 

Beach Sessions are available for Extended Sessions Only and shot at Sunrise or Sunset.

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White Barn 

A fun spot with beautiful light in both morning & afternoon! There are a few different white barns, some fencing that adds visual interest & large trees. Easy to access in South San Jose, no parking fees.

Filoli Gardens 

This magical garden is located in Woodside & provides so many different spaces and different backdrops for you portraits. This location does require that you purchase a ticket for entrance for each person (and one more me) in order to shoot here AND they close at 5pm so depending on the time of year, we will be working in shade & not getting that "golden glow" of golden hour. This location requires an "extended session" since it's an hour away from my home. 

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The Cactus Garden

Great for both morning or evening sessions, this small & secret cactus garden will give you real vibes that we are shooting in the heart of the desert! This spot might not be the best choice if you have toddlers or multiple young children as it is quite literally full of actual cacti. I will also only shoot here on weekdays during the fall family photo madness as it becomes very busy with photographers! This location requires an extended session since it's located an hour from my home.

Guglielmo Winery

A local Morgan Hill winery that I have a great relationship with. I have obtained permission to shoot at, as long as I keep my insurance on file & give them a heads up! This location has amazing walls of vines, an ever changing vineyard & beautiful light in both the morning & the evening!  

I am willing to shoot at other wineries but permission is often difficult to obtain! If you have connections, I'm all for it! Some wineries charge a photography fee. 

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Private Locations:

Cordevalle, Santa Clara University, Your Backyard

I always love when people have unique locations where we can seek permission to shoot. Cordevalle has been very welcoming as long as we are accompanied by a member. If you are an alumni or Santa Clara University, it's another great spot that is well maintained throughout the year! 

If you opt to have us shooting your backyard or home, I'll want to either come scout it out OR have you send me some shots of the yard in the afternoon. 

Vasona- Los Gatos

Another great spot with magical afternoon light! While we can shoot here in the morning, it tends to be busy & harder. Parking is $6 with easy access off Hwy 17. 

For mini sessions I stay in one spot but if you book a full session at Vasona there are lots of fun spots to shoot- including a little creek, bridge & lots of beautiful trees. 

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