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About Me

I'm a passionate extrovert who is also slightly OCD. I wish I was more organized than I actually am. I do best when I'm busy & I write things on my to do list just to cross them off. 

I'm Aly. Married for 15 years to the man I used to call my boyfriend.... back in the days of Pioneer High School we were the jock and the dancer. Now we have four kids ranging in age from 13  to 9. Two girls and twin boys... it's a crazy life but it's pretty amazing! During the week I work in private practice as a Mental Health Therapist #LCSW

I was a dancer for many years of my life & when I stopped dancing I didn't realize that I lost more than a talent, I lost my creative outlet. When I took photography to the next level I feel like I found my creative voice again & it's been an incredible process. 

I know there are so many talented photographers out there and I am really not in this business to compete with others. I'm a strong believer in COMMUNITY OVER COMPETITION!!! I want you to come to me because you connect with what you see in my portfolio images and how you feel when we talk. I feel honored to be welcomed to capture you and yours during our time together & my goal is to really document the here and now, the small details, because we all know, things change quickly in this life. 

I can't wait to connect with you & discuss whatever upcoming photography needs you may have. 


Contact Me

San Francisco Bay Area

Tel: 408-892-1166

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