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Sundance Preschool Photos Order Form

This year we are trying online ordering of Sundance Preschool Photos to make things a little less hectic and to save trees... Payments can be taken via Venmo, PayPal, Cash or Check and must be made prior to Picture Day MAY 29th! Please comment below with your preferred payment method so I can follow up & provide you the info you need. Thank you for understanding that paying up front allows me to provide a rapid turn around before the end of the school year on June 7!!!!


Packages and Pricing:

Package A: $20 5x7 Class Photo Only

Package B: $20 5x7 Child's Portrait Only 

Package C: $25 8x10 Class Photo Only 

Package D: $25 8x10 Child's Portrait Only 

Package E: $35 5x7 Class Photo & 5x7 Child's Portrait 

Package F: $40 8x10 Class Photo & 8x10 Child's Portrait 

Package G: $50 8x10 Class Photo & 8x10 and 4 Wallets Child's Portrait 

Package H: $60 8x10, (2) 5x7 and 4 wallets Child's Portrait, 5x7 Class Photo 

Package I: $30 DIGITAL FILE ONLY of Child's Portrait 


Comment below ADD DIGITAL FILE and add $20 to your package and I will credit you for one digital download of an image of your choosing from the Sundance Preschool Online Gallery that will be delivered directly to you via email.  

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